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Release Date: August 17th

Year    :   2015
By    :   Gabriel Auffant
Slogan    :   Pun Intended
Genre    :   Comedy
Time    :   91 Minutes
Budget    :   0
Age    :   7+

A mob boss kidnaps a bank teller, and interrogates him to find out who has the combination to a bank he wants to rob, the bank teller readily confesses that the man they want is John Smith. This being a common name, hilarity ensues when the mob boss instructs two of his henchman to kidnap John. The thugs end up kidnapping the wrong guy, a teenager, and when his friends find out, they vow to stop at nothing to rescue their friend.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

Hottest Film Of The Summer

Peter Miles will stop at nothing to rescue his best friend, John Smith from the clutches of The Boss, and his minions.

  • Premier Attended By Over 200 People
  • Over 35 Actors involved
  • Achieved a 9.4 User Rating on IMDB
  • Family Friendly, and Safe for all Ages


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Rating by professionals

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I attended the premier of this film with friends, and we all loved it! Great humor and story, with a number of surprises. I was expecting a more traditional comedy, but was thoroughly entertained by the subtle references and character development throughout the film. This is a classic “tale of two friends” setup, with as many surprises and plot twists as can be packed into an hour and a half. We get to see the problems that we cause ourselves when we don’t communicate, and how far we can be willing to go for our friends. The large cast could have been overwhelming and a little confusing, but the camera work and the storytelling kept it all connected. Toward the end the film really picked up in content and action, and I will definitely watch this again!
My friends dragged me along to the premier with them, and I thought I was going to be bored out of my mind.
When I heard a bunch of homeschoolers had made a movie, I thought to myself. this will be so stupid.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could not have been more wrong.
This movie is hilarious, action packed, and the acting was great!
If you are tired of looking through netflix for good movies, watch this instead.
I might be a little biased since I know a few members of the cast, but this movie is really was very well done.
For a no budget movie, I was really impressed with the production value.
There’s aerials, gun shots, special effects, and lots of good jokes.
I can’t wait for the next movie these guys make!
I was a bit bored at the start of the movie, but things kept ramping up all the way to the end.
The ending was pretty spectacular with (spoiler alert) the huge shootout at the end.
I don’t want to spoil anything else, but the scene with blondie, and the boss’s secretary was definitely my favorite.
This movie kept my interest the whole way through, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes comedy!


Creative Team

The Director

Gabriel Auffant is a highly accomplished director. He has directed several short films, skits, and now 2 feature length films. In addition he has starred in many of the theatrical presentations by watch CO-OP.

The Writer

Austin Karkoska is a well known writer. Responsible for the script in both quest for the coffee mug, and Plan X. In addition he has starred in many of the theatrical presentations by watch CO-OP as well.

The Cinematographer

Colton Bostick is a dedicated cameraman with a wide range of video recording experience.
He has been filming, and editing videos for the last 9 years.
He is super excited to be a part of Plan X!

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